Hot Stone Therapy

Ease Muscle Tension

Hot Stone Therapy

For starters, you will experience the therapeutic effect of flat basalt stones that will be placed in some key points on your body. Let these stones relieve you of chronic pain. Experience its sedative effect if you are distressed. Not only that these smooth, flat stones can retain heat, but they are rich in iron content. Certainly, you can experience deep relaxation, and better blood flow. Imagine you are lying on a riverbed. Try to feel the soothing and calming touch of these stones. That’s the power of Mother Nature. That’s the healing effect of treating yourself naturally especially if sleeping time is a burden to you. You will be more alert and active every morning. Insomnia, anxiety, and stiffness were just a part of your yesterday. Moreover, imagine its powerful result once these heated stones, massage techniques, and long strokes of your therapist are combined? Indeed, every gliding and circular movement applied can soothe your stiff muscles. Every vibration and tapping can restore your vigor and stillness. Every kneading and rolling can ease your mind. Whatever positive energy and good vibes you lose because of your hectic schedule will be regained.  If you are burn-out, then the more you must have your hot stone therapy now.

Revitalize and uplift your soul. Embrace all the benefits of Hot Stone Therapy.

The licensed massage therapist will usually try Swedish massage so you can have the positive, invigorating effects of these hot stones. You may ask for extra towel or sheets. Your comfort is a top priority. Healing, especially if you have damaged soft tissue and tensed muscles, is on its way. Hot stone massage is safe; however, you still need to consult your doctor if you have medical conditions. You won’t get burn because these basalt river stones will be heated in a professional stone heater, so don’t worry. Relax. Breathe in and breathe out. Unclutter your mind. Release toxins in your body. Allow yourself be fully immersed in your therapy. Let all the energy centers of your system work. Let all these hot stones promote healing process to your body. That’s just a wonderful process! Give yourself a break, a chance, and consider your hot stone massage a gift to yourself. It is time to balance every energy in your body especially along your spine, palms, chest, face, legs, and even between your toes. Today is your chance to let your life be recharged. Thus, whenever you feel drain, then it is a must to have your hot stone massage. What makes hot stone massage wonderful? Schedule now, and have the answer straight away.

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